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  • terms of use

magostours.gr website provides its customers with services with the following terms of use, provided they are accepted.  Please read carefully.

Electronic contacts

When visiting magostours.gr or send emails, you communicate electronically with magostours.gr. Hence, you accept magostour.gr right to contact you electronically. You agree beforehand that these contacts and the information handled through these, satisfy the current legal requirements and terms regarding the exchange of such contacts in written form.


The entire  content appearing on magostours.gr, including without limitations all  texts,graphics, trademarks, images(regardless of features),digital files and software are exclusively owned by magostours.gr website, or by the provider that cooperates with the website and is protected by Greek and international laws on copyright protection. Any indirect use  of the website and its content for the benefit of another company, commercial or not, is forbidden, without the written consent of Magos tours™.

Website use and access permit

Magos tours™ provides limited permit on access and use of magostours.gr website for communication of with the company. Magostours.gr visitors maintain a limited revocable and non-exclusive right to create a hyperlink for  the initial magostours.gr webpage on their own website, as long as this hyperlink does not describe  Magos tours™ or its services in a false, deceptive, diminishing or else unpleasant way. Any ill-qualified use disrupts the use and access permit granted by Magos tours™.

Limitation of website use liability

Magostours.gr webpage is provided by Magos tours™ “AS IT IS” and “AS AVAILABLE”.  Magostours.gr does not make any representation or have any authorization of any kind, expressed or stated for the information and material included in it. For this reason, users of this webpage agree to use it in their responsibility. Magos tours™ does not guarantee that the webpage magostours,gr, the servers or the emails sent by magostours.gr  do not contain any viruses or any other harmful qualities.

Magos tours™  does not hold any responsibility for damages, of any kind, that may occur from the use of the webpage, including but not limited to direct, indirect, random, coincidental and consequential ones.


Before the completion of every booking and transaction through the booking system of the company, you ought to read carefully, and implicitly accept the terms and conditions  of participation that are included and written on every product and service offered, as well as the present terms of use. If you do not accept the above terms, you can not use or have access to the webpage, or make any transactions regarding the products and services offered.

Products & services

By “products” and / or “services” we mean the organized package excursions, package trips, hotels, tickets and other travel services of the company. All the  product /service sales, as well as the advertisements included on the website are subject to the present terms of use. Advertised offers and prices are valid for a limited or definite time. The prices, as well as the advertised offers are subject to change at any time without notice.

Transactions & online payment

Our company offers a complete, modern and reliable payment service through “Eurobank” bank. Credit card payment is accomplished through a relevant  EFG Eurobank  service, with a protocol SSL, 128-bit coding for safe online commercial transactions. In this way, all your personal information, including your credit card number and your name are coded so that they cannot be read or altered during their transfer to the EFG Eurobank’s website. The company does not store your credit card information in any way (credit card number and other information).

Alteration right

Magos tours™  reserves the right to make any changes at the magostours.gr website, its commercial policy and its terms of use any time that is considered necessary.

Applicable law – disputes

Visitors of the magostours.gr website automatically agree that the terms of use are subject to the laws of the Greek country, regarding any dispute that may occur between users of magostours.gr website and consequently Magos tours™. Any disputes relating, in any way, to the use of magostours.gr website and the services provided through it, will initially be settled out of court. In case this is not accomplished, the disputes and any relevant matter will be resolved at the qualified Courts of Athens.