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Kalymnos offers adventurous holidays and a variety of choices to the visitors. Apart from its beaches, it offers mountains for mountaineering and rock climbing. There are also other choices, like surfing, mountain biking, hiking, yaughting, and of course diving.

Kalymnos is considered to be the closest destination for most climbers. The limestone, climbing the stalactites and the number of caves have contributed to Kalymnos being characterized as one of best locations “in the world of climbers” by magazines like “Vertical”, “Klettern”, “Climbing” and “Desnivel”.

There are about 60 climbing fields with routes of sporting climbing, mostly “one-pitch“ of 4 to 9 difficulty, which are easily accessible with paths. Most “one-pitch” routes reach 20 to 30 meters in height. Yet, there are “one-pitch” routes that reach 50-60 metres in height. To open these routes modern, stainless steel materials have been used, which are frequently maintained. The majority of the routes are in the north and northwest part of the island.

We should not forget about the picturesque little island of Telendos where more and more routes are created emphasizing on routes of different height “multi-pitch”. Every year 100-150 routes are being opened by Greek and foreign climbers. At present the island has got more than 1300 organised routes.