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For your stay in Kalymnos you can book a room in one of the hotels or studios. In Kalymnos (Pothia) and in many other areas of the island, there are hotels, hostels, rooms  to let, fully furnished flats and studios of different categories and types that can satisfy the visitors’ needs for a pleasant and joyful stay.

You can find lovely hotels, traditional guest rooms and studios of any category and at my price. A list of the hotels and other accommodation can be seen further down, as well as in the area’s accommodation catalogue and on the site with accommodation offers.

Access - transport

A private car is not considered necessary on the island of Kalymnos since the relatively short distances are covered by the public buses. Public buses cater for your transport with frequent routes which you can find out in timetables that are hung up at the bus stops.


For your entertainment in Kalymnos you can find catering entertainment services (restaurants), taverns, cafes, clubs) with excellent services and a variety of products and services which will come up to your expectations. Kalymnos offers plenty of catering venues-traditional, plain or luxurious-where you can taste the food you desire.